Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

For diners who are looking to celebrate a loved one's birthday while enjoying their meal, we provide birthday cake to order H-2. The price starts from Rp. 250.000. Mediterranea makes the perfect venue for celebrating the birthday of a spouse, parent, sibling, relative, or friend.

Choose your favourite flavours :

- Chocolate and Coconut Cake

- Vanilla Cake

- Fruit Pie

- Redberries

- Large Apple Pie

- Milefeuille

- Raspberries Cake

Each of these treats are cater to a large party and are made fresh so that they are delicious to eat. If none of above-mentioned thing catches your attention, Mediterranea gives customers the option of ordering their own birthday treats that we can specially prepare for them.

Special Events

Special Events

Mediterranea is a family favorite for celebrating special events and moments. Our delicious food, along with our warm ambience makes it a very welcoming environment for celebrating a memorable event. We do not provide professional decoration services for the events that take place on our premises.

However, we do realize that decorations are crucial part of any event, which is why we give our guest recommendations as to where they can get their decorations from.

For customers who are looking to celebrate their events with us, we prefer that they call us beforehand and make a reservation. This way, we can ensure that you can enjoy your celebration in comfortably.

Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition

Mediterranea Restaurant by Kamil believes in supporting local talent and culture. We are extremely fond of local Indonesia culture in particular and want to make our own contribution towards promoting it.

We at Mediterranea could give local and international artists the opportunity to put on their prformances in our restaurant in order to introduce them to the public at large. Not only does this provide a very major platform for these emerging artists, but it also gives our customers the chance to enjoy the work and culture of true Indonesian artists while they are enjoying their meal.

The performances put on by these artists are absolutely riveting and make for great entertainment for our guest.

Pre Wedding Photo Session

Pre Wedding Photo Session

Thank you for choosing us to be the part of your journey.

Create memorable dinner, birthday, anniversary, graduation, family time or pre wedding photo session, because every corner of Mediterranea Restaurant by Kamil are full with your story.

Contact us for further information.

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Our Catering is available to book under 3 ( three ) different options :

1. Food Only

Save your budget by reserving our food and beverages menu only. Provide your own package and delivery or take away method, and visit us when your order is ready.

2. Catering and Delivery

Have you come prepared with your own venue and decoration? Let us know the address and date so we can deliver your order on our own.

3. Full package service

The most exclusive package where we offer you our full service of catering, decoration, delivery, and service ( waiters or waitresses ). Specially designed for our valued-customers who would like to enjoy a hassle-free day joyful dining experience.

Please note that additional charge incurs for every package. For any inquiries, contact us at or WhatsApp to 0817-464-305. We look forward to serving you!